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Anthony Steel Clean-Line Lockers

Anthony Steel
Custom Fabrication
Clean-Line Lockers are the result of over 40 Years of manufacturing experience. ASM Clean-Line Lockers are designed to provide strength & durability in even the most demanding environments.

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Standard Sizes:

  • 12″w x 12″d x 72″h
  • 12″w x 15″d x 72″h
  • 12″w x 18″d x 72″h
  • 15″w x 15″d x 72″h
  • 15″w x 18″d x 72″h
  • 18″w x 18″d x 72″h

Locker Interior: Single Tier Lockers include one hat shelf and three coat hooks. Double Tier, Triple Tier Portoclub Lockers include two coat hooks per compartment.

Locker Materials:

  • Frames 16 ga
  • Bodies 24 ga
  • Doors 20 ga
  • Nickel Plated Coat Hooks
  • Shelves 24 ga
  • Aluminum Recessed Padlock Handle

Options Available:

  • Sloping Tops (Eliminates Dirt Build Up)
  • Recessed Base (Prevents Fluid From Entering The Interior of the Lockers)
  • Number Plates
  • Coat Rods
  • Cylinder Locks
  • Coin Operated Locks
  • Galvanized Construction
  • Mesh Doors
  • Perforated Doors