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Starwall Integrated Wall Systems


Create spaces entirely in classic glass, or integrate architectural products like custom ezoBord™ acoustic panels, Lumicor resin panels, Quiet Earth™ living moss, or Clarus™ dry-erase glass boards.

Typically, Starwall systems take 4-6 weeks to go from planning to installation.

  • Choose your wall system style and finish
  • Design with glass or architectural panels
  • Customize your doors, pulls, and accessories

The customization options are endless:

  • Wood veneer adds beauty, texture and colour to the workplace. Sometimes clients need privacy, so a break from all-glass walls is welcoming. Do this in style by adding wood veneers, on doors or walls, in full height, up to transoms, or up to chair rail height.
  • Sliding glass doors with branded privacy glass – If your space only calls for glass, customize the finishing with privacy frosting, company branding, and visual graphics.
  • Glass and solid panels with aluminum frames provide a modern industrial look. Large aluminum panels provide visual privacy and a modern look.
  • Single and double pane offset glass in anodized aluminum frame
  • Endless styles of door handles, pulls, and levers. Extrusions are available in many finishes and sizes. Door styles come in swing and slide with soft close option, designed in larger frame versus all-glass slab.
  • Sophisticated black extrusions with floor-to-ceiling glass panels. This center-mount glass system uses black frame extrusions with frameless butt-joint glass.

Easily Integrate complementary panels for a truly custom product:

  • Resin Architectural Panels by Lumicor™
  • Custom ezoBord™ Acoustics – Full and Accent Panels
  • Quiet Earth Moss™ green acoustics
  • Clarus™ dry-erase glass boards